On occasion you may hear the audio start and stop - why?

We deliver the audio from the server.  

The audio starts playing when it begins to cache (saved on your local browser cache) the sound.

If the cache is not completely stored, the sound will stop and wait for the cache.

The image below shows the player. 
  • The light blue bar is the audio that has been played.
  • The small white box shows where the audio is at any moment.
  • The greyed blue bar in front of the small white box is the amount of the audio that is cached and waiting for the player.
  • The greyed bar shows the remaining audio that is not cached.
If there there is no greyed blue bar, the audio will pause until there is sufficient cache to resume playing.

audio tool bar caching
The audio will start and stop (annoying) primarily due to network bandwidth.   The amount of bandwidth you have is dependent on your internet provider and is affected by the time of day.

If this is a problem for you, we recommend:
  • Pause the audio
  • Read and be familiar with the text while the audio is caching.
  • Press play after reading
You can also try reloading the page.

We use flash to deliver and play the audio portion of the training. 

If you are not able to hear the audio, check with your browser setting to "allow" playing flash files.  You may need to consult your IT department for instructions.