certificate1A trained staff reduces risks:
  • Reduces re-work & scrap
  • Mitigates injury claims
  • Improves Quality
  • Standardizes outcomes
  • Reduces turn over
With your own private training portal, you can include ISO Standard training and your process and procedure training for employees and internal auditors. 

Also include your own Work Instruction & Procedure training, you show the auditor Objective Evidence of your employee's competence.

Create Employee Training for Work Instructions and Procedures:

With Your Own Training Portal You Can:

  • Train Every Employee on Basic ISO Concepts
  • Assign an Employee to Lessons or to a Department
  • Link Lessons to a Department
  • Manager can easily see employee's scores, certificates and incomplete training
  • Employee can see their scores on tests and their incomplete (To Do) tests
  • Include any type of content in a test / lesson (Audio, Images, Video, et.al.)
  • Embed or link to procedures, work instructions, or policy documents
When it is time to audit, the internal auditor or the registrar can quickly scan for compliance.


  • Train & Manage up to 100 employees (if you need more, let us know).
  • Select the ISO courses you want to include.
  • Create your own training / competence tests.
  • Send us your company logo so we can brand the private portal for you.
  • Annual fee of $59 per employee or $5,995 - No set up fee.

Click here to register for the portal

Below is a list of all the features in your private training portal.

With just a few clicks, you can begin training you and your staff on important standards.

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To maximize your management system's efficacy, your stakeholders need to know the standard.


Internal audits are an important tool for continual improvement in your Management System (QMS, EMS, et.al.).  It is critical that your internal auditors maintain and improve the skills to properly review your processes and records, to identify strengths, weaknesses, and problems in your Management System.

To ensure competence, it is important your internal auditors are properly trained.  After completing a course, they are tested and receive a certificate to show Objective Evidence of their competence.

Online Standards Training via Ingentius.com has Internal Auditor Training packages for these standards:
Be sure to use discount code: 2020ASR  for a 30% discount
(good until the end of the year)

You are busy.  When you are growing and need more employees, efficient training is critical.

You must train your employees on all the procedures and processes you use to operate your business and your management systems.

  • The standard requires you show Objective Evidence of competence.
  • Put these courses on your own internal training portal along side your own tests, quizzes, courses.
  • Management reporting to see who needs more training and use it for your internal or 3rd party audit.
  • Use your employee evaluation information from the supervisor and compare it to their test results.
When you purchase a multi-employee subscription, we can deploy it in your own training and collaboration portal.