IATF 16949:2015 – Most Frequent Nonconformance’s

9.3 Internal Auditing (22 NCs)
-  product audits not effective
-  internal audits did not include 3rd shift
-  process auditing not effective
-  annual layout not effective
-  layered process audits not conducted per schedule
-  control of prioritization not effectively implemented

7.1.5 Monitoring and Measurement (26 NCs)
-  laboratory technical procedures not fully implemented
-  calibration not performed per established procedures
-  MSA Studies not effective and not conducted per all items on control plan
-  contingency plan not effective and not tested

8.3 Design (33 NCs)
-  PFMEA recommended action (design issue) open after year with no action
-  special characteristics on customer blue print not transferred to control plan or work instructions
-  development process not effective in transferring information to manufacturing process inputs
-  checking fixture validation process not fully effective

8.5 Production (59 NCs)
-  verification of job set-up process not completely effective
-  control plans not properly documented
-  revision control not fully implemented
-  control plans and PFMEAs not updated
-  process to ensure work instructions not fully effective
-  process for tooling management not fully effective
-  process for maintenance not fully effective

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Key Performance Indicators is part of the important auditing and core tools methods.