Course Description:

No matter how many audits your staff must endure, knowing that someone will be "looking over your shoulder" and auditing your work always generates some tension and anxiety.  Here are some recommendations.

This 45 minute course provides excellent tips on how to begin your audit.

Intended Audience:

You are a stakeholder in you Quality Management System.  This course is intended for:
  • Internal Auditors


$45 (for 120 days access)

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Course Agenda:

  • Opening
  • Download These Documents Now
  • Audit Cycle
  • Initiation
  • Document Review
  • Audit Program Manager Preparation
  • Audit Program Management
  • Questions To Guide Audit Planning
  • Example Business Map
  • Create an Audit Schedule
  • Creating the Schedule
  • Audit Matrix Analysis
  • Creating the Audit Matrix
  • Example – Completed Audit Matrix
  • Responsibility – Who Uses What?
  • Competency Test & Certificate

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