Course Description:

This course reviews each of the current 15 sanctioned interpretations and discuss what they will mean to your QMS.

There may be items you have already addressed, there also may be items that you have not formally addressed, but there are standard practices that are done in your organization that address these.

Or you may find gaps that need to be addressed.

Intended Audience:

You are in the automotive industry's supply chain and a stakeholder in you Quality Management System.  This course is intended for:
  • Companies that have a current ISO/TS 16949 QMS in place
  • Quality Managers
  • Internal Auditors
  • QMS Project Manager


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Course Agenda:

The Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA) Course consists of 4 modules.
  • Introduction
  • SI-1: 3.1 Terms and definitions
  • SI-2 – Product Safety
  • SI-3: Contingency Plans
  • SI-4: 7.2.3 Internal Auditor Competency
  • SI-5 QMS Documentation
  • SI-6: Special Characteristics
  • SI-7: Type and Extent of Control, Supplemental
  • SI-8: Supplier QMS Development (Revised)
  • SI-8: Supplier QMS Development (Revised)
  • SI-9: Customer Authorization For Concession
  • SI-10: External Laboratory (Revised)
  • SI-11: Temp Change of Process Controls
  • SI-12: Process Effectiveness and Efficiency
  • SI-13: Management Review Inputs - Supplemental
  • SI-14: QMS Audit
  • SI-15: 3.1 Terms & Definitions
  • IATF 16949: 2016 Sanctioned Interpretations Exam

Here are the opening remarks from our instructor.

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